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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 16, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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big announcement on the iphone. what is their plan to fix the problem? the millions of people who thought bought their new phone. will there be a recall? >> if somebody is out of work right now, the only answer that i'm going to have for them is when they get a job. >> chuck todd sat down with a one-on-one exclusive with president obama. we'll talk with chuck about that interview. an interview on pop star pink's condition after an awful fall during one of her concerts. more of that video. a site we've all been waiting for for almost three months. right now, as you can see, we have some live pictures. no oil is coming out of that well at the bottom of the gulf of mexico. bp's new containment cap is now capturing all of the gushing oil. bp cautions, though, it is not time for any of us to celebrate. this is all part of a pressure test to see if the new cap will hold. the tests, in fact, continue right now. here's what president obama had to say just in the past hour.
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>> what they're working to determine is whether we can safely shut in the well using the new cap without creating new problems. including possibly countless new oil leaks in the sea floor. >> we have team coverage with nbc mara who is still live with us in venice, louisiana, and michelle franzen with reaction from people in pensacola beach, florida. mara, how long does bp plan to run these tests? >> well, tamron, the plan is to run them for 48 hours from when they started and they're going to be evaluating them every six hours. and what they're looking for is pressure information. the best analogy i've heard regarding this test is that it's kind of like putting your thumb over a garden hose. and what bp wants to know is, can this cap withstand the pressure of the well. so, they're looking for high pressure readings because that would tell them that it is doing that. if they get low pressure readings, it means that oil is
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escaping somewhere else and there is a leak they need to deal with else where. if this works, they will be able to use that cap essentially to shut in the well as a temporary measure until they get that relief well completed. if they do find that it can't withstand the pressure of the well, they can use the cap as a containment cap, which bp said all along it was put in place for anyway and siphon all that oil off to vessels on the surface. either one of those would be good options for a temporary solution because both of those would keep fresh oil from spilling into the waters of the gulf here until they get the final solution of the relief well in place. tamron? >> live in venice. reaction now from folks who live along the gulf coast. let's bring in michelle franzen in pensacola beach, florida. michelle, what are people telling you there this morning? >> people want to be excited, but from past experience over the course of the last three months, they are not that excited. they are guarding their feelings very much here.
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take a look why. this is why. the beaches here in pensacola beach, still very desolate. few people sprinkled on here and the weather is great and there is guarded optimism here up and down the coast from alabama and the mayors in both gulf shores, as well as other areas are saying that it really doesn't change their situation at all because they're still having to deal with the possibility of millions of gallons coming ashore and also having to deal with the recovery and the claims process. >> it won't change anything. we will continue to pick up oil every day that it comes in and hope for it to be less and less frequent and if that happens, we'll certainly be in a lot better shape than we are right now. >> and again, they're waiting to see what the integrity tests show and bp will be able to permanently cap that well and
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that means they'll be able to deal with the oil that may come ashore, depending on the winds and it also what will it mean for the future oof the fishermen who are currently working for bp if they're no longer needed to work out on the ocean. tamron? >> michelle franzen live for us in pensacola beach, florida, where there is nobody behind you enjoying that beach. pretty sad site. the largest known earthquake ever to hit the washington, d.c., area rattled people inside the beltway early this morning. while its size may not be that impressive, the quake's location gives it a big shock factor. tom costello live in the washington bureau. so, tom, did you wake up this morning with the rumble? did you feel it? >> oh, yeah. it woke us, oh, absolutely. it was a pretty good rumble. we're expecting a heat index today of 105 degrees, but everybody is talking about this rumble and we know the folks in california are laughing at us. it was a small quake. we have no reports of injuries
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or damage. it happened at about 5:4 04 this morning and the national earthquake center said it was a 3.6 quake. the epicenter was right there. german town, maryland. about 20 miles northwest of d.c. belt felt through maryland, d.c. and virginia and west virginia. it woke up our household. if did feel like kind of that freight train, a rumble that came in a wave. it started low and crescendoed and then died down and lasted five or seven seconds and this c clushay of the freight train. this is the most significant quake they ever felt. small quakes we have from time to time but the last time we had a quake here in the neighborhood of 2.0 that was back in 2008. back to you guys. >> the president was asked this morning if he felt it and he said he did not. >> really? a lot of ooour colleagues in d.
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said they didn't feel it. it's kind of strange, i'm out in maryland and i felt it. >> it's just because you're on high alert. >> always. my antenni are up and ready. >> you're looking for anything in the night. all right, tom, thank you very much. this morning in michigan people are dealing with the aftermath of a wave of thunderstorms that slam under to the western part of that state. the storms blew through quickly, but you see that damage there, including flooded roads and downed trees, as well as powerlines. almost 100,000 people lost power in the greater detroit area. no fatalities or serious injuries reported, thankfully. we turn now to what apple will do about major problems with its new iphone 4. the company is scheduled to hold a news conference in about two hours. they are expected to address widespread complaints about the phones dropping calls. to give us an idea on how many phones we're talking about here. listen to this. apple sold 1.7 million iphone 4s
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in the first three days that it went on sale last month. nbc gina kim joins us live now from the apple headquarters in california. so, gina, do we know any more about this? is this news or really about addressing these complaints with the iphone 4? >> well, you know, first of all, because this whole news conference has been shrouded in secrecy, everything that all the media outlets have been saying this morning is purely speculation, but 99% sure that apple is going to be answering some really critical questions about those problems this morning. first of all, how are they going to fix all those dropped calls and reception problems that these brand-new iphone 4s, apparently, have been having. some of them, i should clarify. was there something called antenna gate, what some people are calling antenna gate. did apple already know about these reception problems long before they launched the phone but they went ahead and released it to the public anyway. as far as words of a recall,
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consumer product experts say that's probably not going to be the announcement this morning. apparently these dropped call problems are happening with only a small batch of these new iphone 4s. what we do expect is some sort of fix and it could be, tamron, as simple or easy as one of those rubber bumpers being issued to all the new iphone 4 users. certainly, this is a huge embarrassment for a company that has an impeccable, almost perfect reputation among so many people. if they issue an apology this morning, that will certainly be unprecedented. >> all right, gina kim live for us at the headquarters for apple in california. meantime, let's bring in dan ackerman, senior editor of thanks for joining me. >> thank you. >> gina points out, we're talking about a small batch of phones that have this so-called antenna problem, but image is everything. my mother would never own an iphone and the first thing she said this morning, look at you
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and the people who bought that phone, it doesn't work. this is resonating with people who just know this company as a desired brand. >> this is a case where apple has gotten so big and so powerful people are almost sitting around for it to mess up somehow and it is a golden opportunity for people who are apple naysayers. >> is there a real problem? you have the "wall street journal" saying apple engineers were aware of a potential design problem as early as a year ago. >> this is a real problem. apple says that particular report is not accurate but certainly we very rarely get leaks like that out of apple. however, more than a small batch of these phones. everyone who has tested the new iphone says they're able to replicate the problem in some way. >> will they do a recall on this? >> a recall is pretty extensive. that seems unlikely. my prediction is a free or discounted rubber bumper or a software fix and maybe even just education like don't hold the phone like this. >> but this rubber bumper, thing, though.
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if you wanted a case, you'd get a case. now you have to put on this bumper on your phone. is that really a logical solution? >> it certainly doesn't make the phone look any better and people don't like that. >> half of the phone's appeal is the look. >> the fact it is slim and so nice looking. there is a physical solution if you have foam you can apply to where the antenna is, that could fix the problem. >> steve jobs i'm sure is up right now wondering and awaiting the reaction to this news conference. he knows what he's going to say, we don't. president obama and the first family are expected to arrive in bar harbor, maine, for a weekend get away. he is leaving on a wave of good news for his administration. thursday, the senate passed a landmark wall street reform bill and on day 88 of the gulf dis t disaster, the oil leak has temporarily stopped. but, with 15 million people unemployed right now, the economy certainly is struggling. the president sat down exclusively with nbc's political director chuck todd for an
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interview and, chuck, you know, i thought you asked the greatest question. what does the president say to these people who lost their jobs under his term or, you know, are looking right now. it's incredible how many people are out of work and they blame this administration. >> well, look, the overriding conversation that america is having right now with themselves and watch what we're reporting on here in washington and when they watch the laws being made here in washington, okay, what is it doing to create a job and do they know that right now a lot of people aren't seeing a lot of jobs created. and it really was the center of our discussion. take a listen. >> the marijuana thing that keekeep s me up at night we lost 8 million jobs. the month i was sworn in we lost we regained 600,000 so far this year and if we stay on pace, hopefully we'll gain several hundred thousand more but making up for that 8 million is still going to be a challenge. look, nobody in the white house is satisfied with where we are
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right now. what we absolutely are convinced of, though, we are on the right track and i think that the statistics bear that up. >> what do you tell the person who may have voted for you, can't find a job or have gotten laid off since you took office, why they should still keep the democrats in charge? >> if somebody is out of work right now, the only answer that i'm going to have for them is when they get a job. up until that point from their perspective, the economic policies arant working well. >> you're okay if they hold you accountable. >> that's my job as president, to take responsibility for moving us in the right direction. >> and, so, tamron, i thought what was interesting about his tone in this interview as opposed to the tone we heard over the last few months the accepting of the reality which is, guess what, he will get judged on whether people are working or not and this white house believes that, ultimately, all their political problems all can be plaexplained with one number. 9.5, and that's that
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unemployment rate. >> chuck todd live in front of the white house. thank you, chuck. breaking news out of new jersey, live pictures of what we believe is a building that has collapsed in hackensack, new jersey. this is a garage that is part of a building complex. authorities are not giving any more information at this moment. but, again, this is breaking news out of hackensack, new jersey. police and fire departments are on the scene. all chiefs are on the scene. that's the information we're getting in right now. but this, again, some type of building collapse attached to a garage. this is the street itself just crumbled there. i'm not sure if the building to the left is an apartment complex. kind of looks like an apartment complex. it is, it is an apartment complex. you see how close those vehicles are and even the parking spot, i think that's number two and number three, the cars are sloped down in between the trees there. so, this is a building collapse and we see it's very close to some type of a apartment
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complex. but the street there just crumbled. i'm not sure if this was a standing parking garage or if this is some type of sink hole at this point because you don't see what would be the top of a parking garage, but you certainly see the street that is crumbled there. we'll keep an eye on the situation. you see some people on top of a roof not far from the apartment complex and the damage itself. i'm assuming that those are emergency personnel moving into that scene. so, we'll keep an eye on the situation. breaking news out of hackensack, new jersey, where we have seen a building or parking garage collapse. we'll be back with more on that. in the meantime, casey anthony the florida mom accused of killing her own child breaks down in court as her brother takes the stand. the latest on the legal drama in that case. plus, we've heard a lot recently about sarah palin and mitt romney, but, could the name bush return to the gop presidential ticket in 2012? some say it's a real possibility. we'll look at it. and later the surprise
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developing now, the teenage suspect known as the barefoot bandit was in court in a miami hearing just a short time ago. colton harris-moore agreed to be sent to the seattle, washington, area to face charges. although it's not clear exactly when that will happen. police expect harris-moore of stealing cash, cars, boats and as many as five small planes over a two-year period. in total, the thefts amount to more than $1 million across at least eight states, canada and the bahamas. now to another criminal case
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that has grabbed nationwide attention and that is the case of casey anthony. the case of the florida mom accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. an emotional and dramatic day for her in court. >> it was a courtroom, but on thursday, shackled by leg irons, casey agenthony was in the same room as her father, brother and mother. the first time the family has been together in 20 months. and while casey's brother, lee, told her twice, i love you bringing her to tears. >> how are you related to the defendant, casey marie anthony? >> she is my sister. >> reporter: this strange family reunion had both brother -- >> what will fly with my mom won't fly with the police officer. what are you doing? >> again, it's the wrong date, it's july, not june. >> reporter: on the stand. >> the words that you used to describe the smell in the car
11:20 am
was dead body. correct? >> correct. >> reporter: one potentially damming piece of evidence comes from casey's own mother. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> i called a little bit ago -- >> reporter: it was a call for help that immediately had detectives looking at casey as a suspect. >> there's something wrong, i found my daughter's car today and it smells like there has been a dead body in the car. >> reporter: the defense team says cindy talked about the smell of a dead body to create more urgency, to get officers to come to her house more quickly. >> i don't know how the mind works when you're under stress. i've, again, i said whatever i said. i can't analyze it. >> reporter: and even though remains were found in the woods around the corner from the family home with dna evidence to match, cindy says she does not believe her granddaughter is dead. >> i still think caylee's alive. >> reporter: thursday was also
11:21 am
the first time casey's brother and father had seen her since casey's jailhouse letters were made public. in one of them she claimed as a teenager her father and brother had sexually abused her. i woke up night after night with my sports bra lifted over my chest or, if i had a regular bra, it would be unhooked. >> we certainly think it's a side show. having said that, this kind of stuff is going and it's very distracting. unfortunately, we just can't say that's not relevant and ignore it. we have to investigate it. >> that was nbc gary sanders reporting casey anthony's murder trial is scheduled to start next may. we want to go back to the breaking news we were telling you about outside of hackensack, new jersey. live pictures of a parking garage that has collapsed. it was a three-story garage. the top of the garage, the overhang, if you will, collapsed in that three-story structure. there are, we're told, two potential victims.
11:22 am
search and rescue teams are en route to this scene. you can see, if you will, there's an apartment complex in the middle of these two apartment complexes. you see a line of trees. that is where the parking garage structure was standing. that's three stories now flattened. we'll bring you more on this breaking news story out of hackensa hackensack, new jersey. right now two victims as a result of the collapse of the building. can i have some ice cream please ? no, it's just for new people. hey ! chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ? chocolate ! chocolate it is ! yeah but i'm new too. umm... he's new... er... than you. even kids know it's wrong to treat new friends better than old friends. at ally bank we treat all our customers fairly. with no teaser rates... ... and no minimum deposits.
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welcome back. we're following breaking news out of new jersey in hackensack, new jersey. live pictures of a parking garage that has collapsed. there are possibly two people injured in this. it was a three-story parking garage and it appears to be near an apartment comflex, but you can't see any remnants, really,
11:26 am
of this parking garage. you see a few cars parked in parking spot two and three and they're at a slant now where the ground has crumbled all around them. but the parking structure that may be the top of it at the bottom of your screen, we're not clear at this point, according to my producers who have been watching the video come in to us, we've seen some firefighters in and around the scene. if the wide shot from the helicopter does open up you see the firefighters in and around there. the fire truck at the top of the screen, as well. a one-block radius has been evacuated as a result of this parking garage collapse. you see a lot of people on roofs around the building itself. this is another vantage point. you see a long ladder from that fire truck going up to the side of the building itself. i'm not sure where the front of the building is. if the front is facing that ground that is essentially just collapsed and crumbled there. but you see a lot of apartment
11:27 am
complexes around there and as we pointed out the "new york star ledger" says a one-block radius has been evacuated. the website describes the prospect towers, i assume that's what we're looking at. an 18-story high rise tower where the parking garage has collapsed. so far two potential victims as a result of this collapse. we'll keep an eye on the breaking news and bring you any developments. in the meantime, the leaking well has been capped. they are holding off on celebrations until that well is permanently sealed and that happens when the relief well is done drilling and many of you have asked, where does the oil go once it is cleaned up? we are following the trail and we have some answers. how two big dummies made their way into history. a high-impact story ahead. (announcer) powering that fan is one little battery...
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welcome back. live pictures right now of bp's damaged well. a mile below the surface of the gulf of mexico. as you can see, no oil is gushing for the first time in almost three months and that is a welcome site. bp's new containment cap has been capturing all the oil now since yesterday afternoon, but, bp says it is far from the finish line. it is conducting pressure tests to see if the new cap will hold and those tests will continue through tomorrow. in any event, the new cap is only a temporary fix. let's hope the relief wells being drilled will finally kill the blown out well by the middle of next month. for something we're seeing in the first time where the oil goes after it is soaked up, picked up along the gulf coast. tom spent days trying to foind o out and has the first pictures of the oil disposal. tom? >> bp says about 27,000 tons of solid, oily waste has been
11:32 am
collected and one of the most common questions we get from viewers is, where is all this stuff going. we finally got access and permission to get on one of the landfills that is accepting some of this waste. it about 15 miles west of new orleans in an industrial area and that is kind of a mixed landfill that takes in everyday garbage and industrial waste, as well. so far for the past month and a half they collected more than 2,000 tons of that oily boom we have seen. at the site they separate that oil and the water and that oil is eventually recycled. they consider that safe, as well. the containment boom or the boom we've seen so far, that is deposited in a regular landfill and eventually by the end of the day, they cover that with a foot of clay and the director, the technical director there says most of the stuff and all the stuff they get there is not dangerous. >> it is not hazardous material. the oil that was actually
11:33 am
collected from the oil spill was sent to laboratories and tested and that all came back from the reports as nonhazardous based on epa and state hazardous wastes. >> the epa does test some of the material that is collected and it will conduct regular testing of those landfills across the gulf coast to make sure that the safety standards and the environmental standards continue to be met. tamron? >> all right, tom, live for us with some fascinating news and details there. thank you, tom. in a few hours, west virginia's democratic governor joe mansion will name a temporary replacement for the late senator robert byrd. byrd was the longest serving senator and mansion will name carte goodwin and goodwin formally served as general counsel. he will hold the seat until november when an election will be held to finish the remaining
11:34 am
two years. and a new report in politico names mitt romney as the republican frontrunner in terms of cash and buzz for the 2012 presidential bid. they are among other top contenders. but listen to this, behind the scenes, there's growing talk and speculation about a team bush revival. stan has written about this, sam, good to see you. >> hey, tamron. thanks for having me. >> absolutely. in this bush revival the name, of course, jeb bush is at the top. is this all speculation or is he floating out some ideas out there? >> well, by definition any talk of 2012 is speculation. but this article i wrote was sort of based off of a series of conversations i've had with democratic consultants and strategists who all insist that jeb bush presents the best opportunity for republicans to take back the white house in 2012. it's owed to his rucredentials,
11:35 am
obviously, as governor. and he has somewhat of a watered down tone. he was against the arizona immigration law and that may not do him well in the republican primary but in a general election, that could be very valuable to him. growing concern among democrats this is a formidable candidate to take on obama. >> you have a quote from donna brazille and he said that jeb has the talent, experience and ability to rebuild the gop's tent and you name some of those reasons, but he has not been as vocal as some other members of team bush like liz cheney or karl rove. >> well the premise of the piece was not just about jeb, but the bush revival. what you mentioned is exactly what i was trying to get at. a whole host of bush related strategists figures of that year have become more assertive in the current landscape. liz cheney and ed gillespie and bush adviser who runs a very influential outside government
11:36 am
group called american crossroads. they're crafting strategy for retaking the house and the senate in 2010 and they have the type of credentials that a lot of republican candidates are leaning on. these people sat out 2008 and they're making themselves assertive again in 2010. the toxicity that used to be accompanied with associating with bushes is very much gone in some respects. >> which is so interesting. you mentioned the current landscape referring to the president's lagging poll numbers and his ideas really having a hard time getting some traction and momentum in his administration, but, i mean, when you look at the current landscape and you look at some of those names of team bush, that will certainly bring up the conversation of what happened with this economy and this country during the eight years that team bush was in charge. so, right now, yes, they can play the sidelines, but if they take the forefront, sam, then reporters like you and myself will certainly bring up the obvious, which is, what happened
11:37 am
during the eight years team bush was in charge? >> yes, we will bring it up, i think. i agree. that, of course, is going to be the ultimate deficit that jeb bush or anyone else associated with the bush administration has to overcome if they really want to assert themselves either in 2012 or 2010. the bush years are remembered very poorly and whether jeb can disassociate himself from his brother or wants to run away from his brother's record is going to be a telling future to watch going forward. >> interesting article. check it out. sam stein's article in "washington post." check it out. great seeing you, sam. >> take care. george clooney was in an italian courtroom today and it all has to do with fashion. courtney hazlett is off today so let's get the scoop from senior editor kim cerefin. any time you say george clooney perks an ear and george clooney in court, what is going on? >> he was in court. he was in a milan court
11:38 am
testifying in a trial against three people who were ucused of using his name for a line of suits. even if you read articles about it, he was wearing a crisp white shirt and a dark suit and lots of fans there. in george clooney fashion he made comments even while testifying and the people in the court started laughing and he joked about other companies he does endorse and he turned to the defendants at one point and said, good job you did with those doctored pictures. this is typical george clooney. but this is how he is famous for so long. he is so likable. >> let's talk about pink. this is so disturbing. she was performing at a concert in germany and what happened? >> yeah, exactly. pink has been known to do lots of acrobatics and lots of aerial stunts in a lot of her performances. she was strapped into a harness
11:39 am
and fell out of the harness during one of these concerts. she fell eight feet into the audience and got out of the audience and taken off in an ambulance to the hospital. she tweeted to fans that she was going to the hospital and getting x-rays. she let everyone know she was really sore. this is, again, very hard to watch. you see her do so many of these aerial performances. she is really incredible at this. she wasn't strapped in right and, apparently, she is going to be back doing a concert tonight. >> that is good news. and a good weekend to go to the movies. two movies really capturing attention "inception" and the sorcer's apresenitance." >> but "inception" is the one really getting a lot of buzz.
11:40 am
this stars leonardo dicaprio and people are already talking about oscar buzz for this movie because of the special effects. >> it looks amazing. >> the screen play, the director. i mean, it's a little hard to follow. it's about a dream within a dream within a dream. so, it's definitely a confusing, comlicated thriller. but a thriller nonetheless. this will probably be number one. >> this combined with that shutter island. he is making some intriguing movies these days. thank you very much, appreciate it. thanks for filling in for courtney. >> of course, any time. >> for the very latest entertainment news logon there are some things considered news in this world, but a few stories around this time of the morning that make us say "no way." >> a man is in some hot water at the canadian border. he tries to get out of trouble by dropping, of all people, lindsay lohan's name. listen to the details. the man was wearing an ankle monitor when he tried to reenter the states.
11:41 am
the new york resident tried to explain it was a gesture of support for lohan, who must wear one as a result of the court order. as it turns out the man was on probation and forbidden to leave the country. surprise senate candidate alvin greene said he wanted to have his own action figure and he got one. so, here it is. drum roll, please. courtesy of the charleston river dogs minor league baseball team in true greene fashion, this is it. the team is going to recycle male statue of liberty figurines and then they just slapped on a picture of alvin greene. they're actually handing these out on saturday. greene's original idea was to sell dolls in his likeness. he said it would boost the economy. i'm sure somewhere someone will put one of these on ebay and some person will pay for it. that's original. you have to give them credit for
11:42 am
originality. today, two dummies, what a transition from that story. two dummies made history. vince and larry the original cash test dummies are headed to the smithsonian museum. these guys made it there the hard way, one serious accident after another. shows drivers that we all need to wear our seat belts. they originally aired 25 years ago and according to reports, made a big impact convincing a lot of us to wear our seat belts. ♪ band: how many credit cards
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naacp and leaders of the tea party movement have been exchanging accusations. the oldest civil rights group passed resolution tuesday condemning "racist elements in the tea party." tea party leaders deny the accusation and criticize the naacp of capitalizing on race. now, there is talk of brokering some sort of peace.
11:46 am
here's what naacp's president said thursday on msnbc. >> newt gingrich is talking about offering himself as a broker or peacemaker between the naacp or the tea party, would that help? would you welcome that? >> certainly, absolutely. absolutely. >> mark williams is tea party express organizer and also a columnist talk show host. thanks for joining me this morning. >> thanks for having me on. >> what's your reaction to benjamin jealous' proposal of having newt gingrich broker a peace deal between these two organizations? >> well, that would be, that would be wonderful and also be nice if he would take me up on my offer of coming along on the next tea party express this fall and actually attending tea parties. it would have been even better if the naacp and the other folks that participated and crashed the tea parties this past spring where they showed up with offensive signs and an organized
11:47 am
effort to make us look bad to take pictures of those signs and used them now and haven't done that in the first place. anything mr. jealous would like to do to join the main stream defense of the constitution and the country. it's fine by me. i don't care how it's brokered. >> let me ask you about this, mark. what is being called a fake letter to president lincoln and you wrote it as if it was from benjamin jealous. well, i have an excerpt of this letter that was on your blog. it says, dear mr. lincoln, we colored people have taken a vote and decided that we don't cotton to that whole emancipation thing. freedom means have to work for real. think for ourselves and take consequences along with the rewards. that is just far too much to ask of us colored people and we demand that to stop. to end the bailouts, for example, is just silly. bailouts are just big money welfare and isn't that what we want all cullards to strive for?
11:48 am
why did you write that letter? what was the point? >> well, would you agree with me that color people is offensive? >> that's not what i'm saying at all. things like we don't cotton -- look, you're focusing in on color because you're going to say the naacp has the word color in it. we're not going to go there. >> what i'm saying is that, the term colored people is a highly offensive term. if mr. jealous wishes to speak on behalf of a group of people he calls colored, fine. what he says for that group of people he calls colored is that they don't want freedom and they don't want lower taxes and less intrusive government. i don't know who these people are he's talking about, but that's his word. that's his organization's phrase. i was taught as a small child it was offensive. so, i don't use it to refer to anybody except people who call themselves colored. >> past the colored people part,
11:49 am
to end bailouts are just silly. bailouts are just big money welfare -- >> that's exactly what he's saying. >> you're saying that's what he wants black people to strive for, which is bailout. is that what you're saying? >> i don't know what he wants for black people. i only know what he wants for his group and his group he called colored people. what he and that group are striving for is to undermine the effort to reduce taxes and to make government less intrusive and to end the bailouts. he wants to continue -- >> that is not what he says. >> why else would they denounce the tea parties. >> what he's denouncing, he says. but according to his interview here on msnbc he's not denouncing the tea party. he points out african-american members, although a small number involved in the tea party movement, he wants to eliminate or have leaders like yourself admonish what he described as racist element. let me play what he said, mark, okay. >> we're we'd also like to get
11:50 am
dick armey to listen to what we're saying. we don't think you're a racist, that you're being silent in the face of racism amongst your ranks. >> how do we move forward so it's not accusation after accusation? how do we have a productive conversation here, mark? >> it would have been nice if the people from the naacp hadn't shown up this past spring with exactly those signs for this reason so they could come back and do this. we move forward by people like mr. geller stopping the lying. >> so it's formed by either side calling out extremism in their party, be it in the naacp or the tea party? are you admonishing what some believe is a racist element? >> it's impossible for there to be a racist element in the tea party, you don't get it.
11:51 am
the tea party is about human rights, it's about the united states constitution, the united states constitution is -- >> what about the signs of the president as an african with a bone in his nose. >> those signs were brought by the tea party, the coalition of anti-tea party groups, google crashed the tea party. you will find it all there. >> i do appreciate you coming on what i believe is a cordial conversation. thank you. moving on, the real estate market is flooded, some people want to promotary products, we're trying to have a conversation and they want to promote things they want to sell. homes are not moving, if you're looking to buy a home, if you want to sell your home, it's critical information that we have for you, three minutes away after a quick break. ♪ behind cars...
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okay, apparently all of you are awake. after that phone call, i have gotten way more tweets than i ever have. i have got to read through these. we cannot pick a tweet of the day as of yet, because a lot of words are being today. a sign the housing market is not heading in the right direction. a new report shows a quarter of all home listings nationwide had at least one price reduction in june. keep that in mind, we'll be talking about more about the housing market. thank you so much for joining me, i'll see you back here at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. maybe we'll read some of these tweets. contessa is arrest jealousy.
11:56 am
from mtv, jersey shores is going to join me. contessa will pick up the coverage next. next 28 hours could be critical for the gulf disasters. no new signs of oil gushing, but testing over the next few hours will tell whether bp has turned a corner on this crisis. apple's big news conference on the problems with the iphone 4. what will the company say to fix the phone and it's image. and he is the hottest man on the web right now. you know who i'm talking about? answering your tweets, he even has some advice for president
11:57 am
obama and he is today's hot on the web, you won't want to miss this one, folks.
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